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Top 10 group games for kids without gadgets 2023

أفضل 10 ألعاب جماعية للأطفال بدون أدوات

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Adults may not realize the importance of play for children, but it is an important and necessary aspect of their lives from their early years to the end of childhood. Here we are talking about the 10 best group games for kids without tools, which children can play in the garden or kindergarten, and we will also talk about the main benefits for children.

The benefits of fun for children

The child starts playing from his early days and takes it as a means of learning from it and developing his skills. The following are the main skills that play helps in the development of children:

  • sensory development; Since the child uses his five senses to identify what surrounds him, but they are not fully developed in the first stage of his life, rather he develops them and works to connect them in the long term with the different centers of the brain , and this helps the development of neurons effectively and quickly.
  • development of physical skills; Chief among these is neuromuscular synergy, which is what is meant by the little one’s ability to control the muscles of his body, especially the simple peripheral muscles.
  • develop social skills; By having fun and playing games together, children develop the ability to collaborate, share, communicate and develop other social skills.
  • Increasing self-confidence, when a child accomplishes a task or something appropriate to his age, it increases his self-confidence and his sense of being a responsible, successful person and capable of completing tasks.
  • Improve problem solving and decision making skills.

Group games for kids without tools

10- Green light and red light

Green light and red light

In this game, one child plays the red light and the other plays the green signal.

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When the child shouts “green light”, the children start playing at a good distance from the predetermined starting line.

After a while, the other yells “red light” for everyone to stop playing, and if anyone gets caught, they’re put back on the starting line.

The game continues until one of them is caught and caught moving, i.e. breaking the rules of the game and traffic rules, so he assumes the role of a traffic light.

Depending on the rules the kids make, some variations occur, sometimes including a yellow light.

In this game, children benefit and learn about some traffic rules and the meaning of each color of the traffic light.

9- The captain is coming

The captain is coming
The captain is coming

A beautiful classic game and it is in the top 10 toolless kids group games that children in kindergarten can play.

In it, some children pose as passengers on a ship, and one of them is appointed as the captain of the ship, and the rest are the crew.

The crew must obey the captain’s orders, whatever those orders are, such as sweeping and cleaning the ship and keeping away from sharks.

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And everyone who carries out their mission is outside the work crew, and the captain comes to the ship to shout to a certain fisherman that he is the next captain.

For the team members to line up to greet, and the captain does some tricks for the crew members, and the game continues until someone else is appointed.

This is how children learn to cooperate and the need to follow the orders of the leaders, and to avoid falling into traps.

8- Duck duck goose game

Duck duck goose game
Duck duck goose game

No need to laugh, because this is the name of that game in which a group of children gather in the kindergarten or school yard and sit in a circle.

Except for one kid outside the circle who goes around the perimeter of that circle to tap the kids’ heads and with each tap he says “duck”.

And when he touches one of them and says “goose,” that chosen goose gets up to run after him and chase him, so that he runs and turns to reach the clearing before the goose catches him.

7- The game of hide and seek

Hide and seek game
Hide and seek game

The game of hide and seek is the most popular game of all time and it does not require any tools, just hide and seek.

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Where one of the kids closes their eyes and starts counting and the rest scramble and try to find a good place to hide.

And after the end of the count, the child shouts, “Whether you’re ready or not, I’m coming.” Then the chase of the rest of the kids begins.

6- The floor game is lava

The floor game is lava
The floor game is lava

It is a beautiful game that requires a wide horizon and can be played both indoors and outdoors and requires virtually no molten rock or minerals.

One of the kids just yells, “The floor is lava,” and the little ones run from the floor onto the couch.

Or to a place or seat that is safe from the child’s imagination before the child counts to five, and whoever does not escape becomes a loser and molten rocks follow him.

In this way we teach children spontaneity and the ability to make decisions as quickly as possible.

5- Day and night game

Day and night game
Day and night game

Another one of the top 10 tool-less group games for kids that can be played in the classroom to entertain students.

Where one of the children and their leader say night, the children lower their heads as if asleep, or raise their heads during the day.

And alternately, trying to deceive the rest of the children, the one who raises his head at night or lowers it during the day becomes the loser.

In this way we teach children to concentrate well and develop their listening and decision-making skills.

4- The hopscotch game


Hopscotch is a popular game for kids and on every street you will find kids drawing a geometric pattern to play this interesting game.

The children perform a series of consecutive jumps in well-defined patterns with one or two feet.

During these jumps, they pick up targets or complete the sequence without falling or swerving and crushing the boundaries of the geometric pattern.

And that game promotes the health of the body’s muscles and teaches them to follow the system and its specific rules.

3- The blind man’s game

Blind man game
Blind man game

The game of the blind man dates back to at least 2,000 years ago in Greece and is called the blind cat in some countries.

The children gather and one of them is chosen to blindfold them, and the children gleefully spin around him until he becomes confused and dizzy.

The “blind” children shout and the blindfolded children try to distinguish the tone of their voice, thus exercising the auditory muscles and improving the child’s concentration.

2- Strike hands

Clap hands
Clap hands

An interesting duet game that is not played in groups of just two and goes by different names such as slaps, red hands or hot hands.

The players face each other, one with their hands up and the other with their hands down, and the one below tries to turn their hands around and hit the other player.

Trying to hit him before pulling his hands away, developing the child’s ability to make a decision in a timely manner.

1- Freeze sign

freeze tag
freeze label

This is the best game in the list of top 10 group games for kids without tools where kids gather in the garden.

And one of them is chosen to run after them to freeze them, and the game begins and the children run away from the gallop so as not to freeze them.

And whenever he touches one of them, he says to him, “Freeze,” so he stays in place until the rest of the children freeze, and only one remains, who is assigned to to run after the kids the next round.

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