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Top 10 types of door locks 2023

أفضل 10 أنواع أقفال الأبواب

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Is there anything more important than privacy for a person to strive to enjoy it in different ways so that it becomes one of the basic needs of the individual and it is also one of the human rights as well as the privacy of the home is one of the most essential things in the life of the individual, and it is strictly forbidden to violate it, and if it happens it is punishable by law, and when privacy meets innovation The continuous man and his development of all that serves him and makes In order to secure his life and property, we find out that he invented many types of locks with many designs and shapes, so we devoted a topic to talk about the 10 best types of door locks.

Types of smart door locks

Speaking of smart locks that are the latest types, we notice that they have different capabilities and bodies to suit all needs, including the following:

  • smart touch lock; We find that it works with human fingerprints and does not need an internet connection.
  • The lock that supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi works with fingerprint and supports remote control.
  • The touch screen lock connects via fingerprint and Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth, and that screen is a touch control panel.
  • deadbolt lock; Fingerprint lock and easy to use keypad.

Types of door locks

Locks from August 10

August locks

The August lock is one of the smartest modern locks in the world, if not the most important, and these locks come in a cylindrical shape.

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With an application completely identical to the cylinder lock, and the great thing is that with a mobile phone we can make a lock and operate the doors of the house.

And no one else can break in or open the door of your home, meaning you’re the only one who controls it without anyone else.

That is why it is one of the top 10 types of door locks that you can rely on to secure your home against burglary and theft.

9- Medico door locks

Medico door locks
Medico door locks

Here is another type of lock that has a good reputation and is widely known by many, and it is one of the most expensive types of doors in the world.

Despite its expensive price, it is very popular and widely used, especially in government offices and places of great importance.

This is because it has many different benefits so that it is safer for people and many people resort to installation.

Especially in important places that have to offer a lot of protection and safety for whatever reason.

8- Electromechanical locks

Electromechanical locks
Electromechanical locks

Electromechanical locks are among the top 10 types of door locks and we target those who want a good front door lock.

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You should look for a more advanced type or models to ensure an integrated level of security for your home against theft and burglary.

This locking mechanism is a reinforced variant of the crossbar lock, the main difference being that there is no key.

And you need a remote control, smart device, code or magnetic card to open the door.

And if the lock is equipped with a scanner, you can set it to recognize fingerprints.

You can also use a fingerprint of the papillary lines or a photo of the owner to open the door.

In practice, using a basic key here makes no sense, and in case of theft, the thief will need special equipment to open the door.

So it takes a lot of time and is not in the interest of the thief.

7- Electromagnetic lock

Electromagnetic lock
Electromagnetic lock

Electromagnetic lock is one of the top 10 types of door locks.

The idea of ​​​​his work is based on fixing the door panel by means of an installed electromagnet and controlling it through a console.

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This system is largely similar to intercom systems and a code or magnetic key is required to open the lock.

It is worth noting that it requires the installation of another security method for your home, as this lock relies on electricity to operate.

It can be turned off simply by unplugging it from the power supply.

6- Multitongue lock

Multi-tongue lock
Multi-tongue lock

If the importance of all types of locks revolves around keeping your home safe from theft, then the multi-tongue lock is best for achieving that goal.

It is one of the types used with iron door locks and the number of tongues has at least 3 metal tongues.

They are all closed by turning the key, and we find them to be the most reliable and installed in the car park doors, villa doors and the outdoor patio doors.

5- Electronic locks

Electronic locks
Electronic locks

These electronic locks are opened with passwords or cards, and this is one of the most common home security techniques.

This is due to the fact that they offer a high level of protection and security whether they are installed in businesses, offices or homes.

And the lock is opened in more than one way, for example with cards of a special type, or by creating an access code or fingerprint.

4- Yali lock

Yali lock
Yali lock

If you are the owner of one of the types of steel doors with a high degree of security, then we recommend the Yali lock, which is also one of the best traditional door locks.

We find out that there are two types, each type differs in the way it works, as follows:

  • The first type has a knob that serves to hold the lock.
  • The second type requires the installation of two keys inside and outside, which increases the level of security and protection of your home.

3- Lock click

Click lock
Click lock

The mortise lock is widely used all over the world and is one of the classic wooden door locks that is also very popular.

This is because it is characterized by ease of use and difficulty in breaking it, in addition to the ability to make many copies of the keys of that lock for all members of the family.

In addition, we find that the installation cost is low compared to other types of locks, which made it the most commonly used type of lock with wooden doors.

2- Lock the lever

Handle lock
Handle lock

Perhaps the most important thing unique to this type of lock is the external design of the handle lock, as we always care about the appearance of all parts of the house.

To match the general taste and the interior designs of the house, different forms of this type of locks are now available in all stores that sell door accessories.

You can buy it to install on the interior doors of the house or on the front doors to decorate it, and in both cases it gives an aesthetic appearance.

1- Smart locks

Smart locks
Smart locks

We can say that smart locks are at the top of the list of the top 10 types of door locks as they are among the most modern types used.

It works through smartphone applications, and this is one of the contributions of technology and technology to facilitate the various aspects of our lives.

It’s time we remote controlled parts of our homes, and modern smart locks have been invented, and they are remote controlled locks.

And that is through Bluetooth technology or the Internet, and it offers us various benefits and services that are not available in any normal lock.

Where you can create private access codes for family members and visitors that can be temporary or permanent and you have the option to lock with a fingerprint.

In addition to the presence of an alarm function in a number of smart locks that warns you when the door is open.

In the near future, we will find that these locks are one of the most popular technologies in our homes.

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